Saturday, December 10, 2016

Friday, December 09, 2016

It's IM Temur Kuybokarov !!

IM Temur Kuybokarov beats FM Dang Hoang Son in round 8 to take over as tournament leader. Tomorrow will be the FINAL round. Catch the game live at 9am!

Is that tea or coffee?

Round 8 - Board 1: Nescafe vs Uzbek Tea

Round 8: First seed is back!

Penang Challengers : Round 8 pictures

Penang Open Round 8 (Live)

Penang Open 2016

FM Erwan Mohamad winning streak stopped

Uzbek IM Temur Kuybokarov stopped FM Erwan winning streak by taking a game off FM Erwan using the White pieces in Round 7. However, with the loss FM Erwan is still join leader with IM Temur.

Here is the game from Round 7, Board 1: