Friday, February 17, 2017

Saturday, February 11, 2017

1500 !! That's the number we are looking at for the today's Festival Catur Putrajaya (FCP) 2017. It's definitely a record for the biggest number of participants in Malaysia ever. Of course the previous one was marred by bad organisation and controversies. From what I see in the initial first round, this is a very smoothly run Round 1 and the organisers are determined things finish on time at 5 pm!

A little internet trouble resulting me getting lost in Putrajaya. Thankfully still arrived in time for Round 1.
5 Live boards after round one. Link here.

For the Open it looks like IM Oliver Dimakiling has a walkover win as his opponent didn't turn up. Same goes for the  Sames goes for the 2nd and 5th DGT boards above (Under 9 and Under 18 respectively) Mukriez has a quick win for Under 12 top board.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Yes it's out on iTunes for USD 19.99. But sadly the movie never made it to Malaysian cinemas. Sure you can buy and watch it on your computer but you can never get the "movie experience" which I think is what this show deserves.

However, it seems the show has made it to Pirate Bay (and a clear DVD version too). I certainly don't advocate pirating and downloading it there as that's is like stealing from the efforts of the producers.

So how? Have you watched this chess movie yet? I certainly recommend it especially to young students of chess looking for inspiration. Sure it has been made into Disney's flavour of fairy tale endings but still most of it is based on real life.



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