Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Holy grail of installing a chess server

I am sure any chess enthusiast has at least played on playchess.com, FIC, ICC, Chess.com, lichess, ArenaChess or some form of online chess.

My challenge as it has been for years now is to install one of these chess servers on my own server. It is still not accomplished. The easiest or so I thought was installing Capablanca, an open source chess server which evolved from Lasker-2.2.3. Lasker is significant because it is used by ICC, although heavily modified.

ICC is not free, charging a fee for playing members. However, since the entire server sourcecode is open source, this did not stop FICS (Free Internet Chess Server) from making a similiar server offering free membership to it's chess playing service. Although the installation is documented it is not an easy task to install and as can be seen by the lack of other ICC clones (except for FICS), I assume others have found it hard too.

Then came lichess. It has a higher degree of sophistication and more features compared to ICC. I was surprised that this server was also open source. So my attention is now shifted to getting an installed version of lichess server to work. I have not really attempted to install it yet but from what I read in the forums and also the lack of other lichess clones out there I assume it is not easy either.

Imagine a locally installed chess server in Malaysia! Ping rate will be faster so lag issues are less. That is heaven for online chess enthusiast. That also opens a whole host of possibilities like having our own (official or unnoficial) national online rating!

As it is with most of my "ideas", they remain as such only. I post it here as a reminder to myself as something I have "to do" at some point in the future. Hopefully someone else who is more technically capable than I am can succeed in doing this first ?

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This tournament is sponsored by Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE). The purpose of this tournament is to provide a Fide-rated standard time control tournament for chess players from local Institution of Higher Learning.

This tournament is by invitation only. Anyone who fulfilled the following requirements can apply to participate in this tournament. The application must be send to the organizing committee before 4th of November 2016. For the successful applicants the invitation will be send by 11th of November 2016.

There are three categories of participants.
1.     Malaysian studying in an Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) in Malaysia. (90 participants**), with the following shortlisting criteria.
a.    Have Fide rating*
b.    Top 4 players (boys and girls) from each IHL
c.     First come first serve.
d.    The others will be in the KIV list.
2.     School students or IHL staff with Fide rating*. (30 participants**)
3.     Direct invitation for foreign students*. No application required. (10 participants**)

*Fide rating should be less than 2200.
** Approximate number of participants. May be subjected to changes.
The committee decision is final and no appeal will be entertain.

For further enquiries, please send an email to Dr. Ng Siew Cheok (siewcng@um.edu.my) or contact Mrs. Nurfadhilah at 03-79676980 (diylladania@um.edu.my).

Giant Setapak Under 1700 results

Haikal Zharif Abdul Jamil emerged champion of the Giant Setapak Amateur U1700 tournament held on 23rd October. He lost his first round against Joel Su Weng Yang but powered on to win the next 6 games in a row including a tense last round battle against Rejab Harun which until the final round was the tournament leader.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

A visit to TYM mini tournament

I only found out about this tournament last year when they mentioned it in Facebook. I jokingly complained why no one told me about it (seeing that  'GilaChess' should be aware of most tournaments) and someone immediately added me to their Whatsapp group. I have to admit the group was hyper active and the first few days my battery constantly drained because of the non-stop notifications that popped up on Whatsapp! I had to delete Whatsapp to save battery! I know I could have gone to settings and toned down the notifications but for some reason I just didn't.

Anyway, a year later (and after reinstalling whatsapp) I see the group is still going strong and I just had to drop by seeing that their venue is just 11 minutes drive from my place.

Yes it's mini tournament but 23 participants and maxing out the space at the Young Chess Masters centre is quite impressive. It shows that the chess playing culture is strong here in Shah Alam. Entry fee is only RM 5 but it is more of friendly chess than a competition.

Pictures tell a better story...

I've never been to these parts of Shah Alam (Seksyen 7) before but with Waze, that is not a problem and I cannot get lost :) . Waze said "You have arrived at your destination" and after finding a place to park I found myself  right in front of the place!

YCM is among shop houses (beside Hailam Kopitiam) and it's on the second floor.

AGM Nik Ahmad Farouqi is the main face of Young Chess Masters centre but of course there are others..

This is THE place to go to have some friendly chess games.

Friendly atmosphere but serious chess taking place.

5th place - Ainul Hakim Abdul Razak

4th place - Wan Mohd Azmie Wan Abd Rahim

3rd place - Rusdi Sidi

2nd place - Syed Abdul Rahman Syed Mohd

TYM #23: Champion - Syawal Aqmar Shahrir Ariff

Best Veteran

Games are also broadcasted live on http://live.youngchessmasters.com.my. That night the top 2 boards were live.

Arbiter Nik Farouqi resolving some disputes

The event started at around 10.20pm but most everyone were already there by 9.30pm. Everything ended slightly after 1.00am.

So if you are anywhere near Shah Alam and want some games of chess, YCM is the place to be. They have weekly sessions and is usually held every Friday night.

Final Ranking after 6 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
14Syawal Aqmar Shahrir AriffMAS16955,525,016,523,00
27Syed Abdul Rahman Syed MohdMAS16675,019,512,014,00
310Rusdi SidiMAS16204,522,514,015,25
45Wan Mohd Azmie Wan Abd RahimMAS16764,022,515,512,00
58Ainul Hakim Abdul RazakMAS16634,021,014,012,50
61Muhd Ali ChorMAS17934,018,012,09,50
79Mohd Ikhbal Mohd JowaharMAS16574,018,011,08,50
812Nurfirdaus Abdul HamidMAS15734,017,012,59,50
915Mohd Adam Hafiz Jafri MalimMAS15473,523,515,511,50
103Shamsol Bahrin Patahol RahmanMAS17213,513,57,57,25
116Mohd Syazwan Mohd ZinMAS16723,020,513,57,00
1223Zuladli SaribinMAS03,019,513,57,50
132Asrul Sharaff OmarMAS17773,016,510,56,50
1418Muazzin MisrodiMAS12963,015,510,03,50
1520Al Imran MisrodiMAS11933,014,09,55,00
1611Mohamed IsmailMAS15853,012,58,03,00
1713Ahmad Arif Abdul RahimMAS15642,021,013,56,50
1817Ngasiman Hj SapuanMAS13942,018,013,54,00
1916Misrodi TelimikMAS14372,018,013,03,00
2014Andrew Ooi Boon SengMAS15552,015,09,51,00
2119Nik Afiq Raiyan Nik Ahmad FaroMAS12482,013,08,52,00
2221Bukhori MisrodiMAS11821,016,510,50,50
2322Nik Aisy Irfan Nik Ahmad FarouMAS10541,013,08,50,50

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TYM Round 6 Board 2